Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Singer with the Glove

Fellahs and laydeez, I'm pretty psyched that we're slowly but surely closing in on the 100-pictures mark. (I think the total is now like... 78? 79? Spread across not-quite-that-many posts.) Stuff I'm contemplating for the near future: having a crash course in Art Historee on the site, adding the ability to search for particular works by their tags, and instituting a contest for best caption, perhaps for the 100th piece. Much excitement!

(Edgar Degas, The Singer with the Glove, 1878)


Regina said...

What a weird painting. Someone should have stuck to ballerinas.

Pooka said...

Hey now. Edgar Degas just paints it like he sees it.

Ali said...

And he saw plenty. *stares* O_O